How to come up with a Business Name?

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Many congratulations on having your startup or business! Nothing is more satisfying than starting your own company but are you completely ignoring the significance of having a good business name?

One can’t deny the fact that the impact a business or company name can have on your brand’s acceptance and growth. An inappropriate name can make or break the perception of the target audience towards a business name. Choosing the incorrect name for your company can have far-reaching consequences, including a loss of clients and the inability to operate legally and profitably.

A business name is the face of the brand, and getting it precise is completely crucial. A decent name that is strong and memorable may help you immensely in terms of advertising and brand recognition.

A business name is the first aspect that customer connects and so its powerful impact is vital. However, on most occasions, entrepreneurs or business owners perform all essential homework regarding the documents covering all legal aspects but face difficulty in coming up with a good business name.

Let us try to get the answer on how to come up with a business name in this write-up. So, if you’re having trouble thinking of a suitable business name for your business, then here are a few factors that you must take into consideration:

Pick a name that is easy to spell.

There should be no doubt in the minds of potential clients about how to locate your company on the web. You probably want to avoid the hassle of always having to explain why people keep getting your name wrong.

Avoid giving your company a name that could exploit its development

Choosing a name that is too specific could end up causing you headaches. Your business name shouldn’t restrict your company to selling only one type of goods or operating in one location.

Do an exhaustive search on the web

Research the name’s origins online once you’ve settled on a candidate. Usually, you’ll discover that another company is utilizing the name you’ve chosen. That won’t be a deal breaker, but it should make you cautious.

A dot-com domain is a must

A .com domain name is often seen as indicative of a professional enterprise by consumers.  Buying the dot-com address of your dream business is an investment in your company’s future.  Make sure to claim the brand name you want on all relevant social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Give your company a name with meaning

Your company’s name should be memorable and reflect positively on your brand. Is it simple to understand what you’re selling? Names with no real meaning but that are catchy, like “Google,” or “Yahoo,” may be appealing, but they will cost you a lot more to brand.

Decide if the name is memorable

You should avoid choosing something overly generic or generically dull for your company’s name. You want your staff to feel proud of where they work, and you want your brand name to be memorable to your ideal customers.

Publish your account

Since it’s amazing what comes to light when you put pen to paper as opposed to just thinking about it, you can write about the origins of your business idea, why you began it or wish to start it, the obstacles you’ve faced, the opportunities you’ve seized, and the future you envision for your company.

Research how other companies in your sector have branded themselves

There are numerous advantages to using this approach. To start, it will caution you against using specific terms while thinking of a company name. As a second benefit, it might spark original thinking. Finally, it will provide you with some overarching principles to follow. It’s best to avoid seeming too foreign with your company name; therefore, it’s not surprising that most naming conventions need a certain amount of standardization.

Try searching other Company Names in your field

Don’t limit your options by merely searching for company names in your specific field. There are countless directions you may go in when naming your company.

Engage in a round of brainstorming based on your feelings

Consider the emotions that your products and services will evoke in your target audience. A single phrase that evokes strong feelings can serve as the foundation for a memorable and alluring brand name.

Look it up in a thesaurus.

Use a thesaurus to find other phrases that mean the same thing as the emotions and basic values you’ve already come up with during your brainstorming. Countless elegant and pleasurable nouns and verbs are available for use as catchy company names.

Think About Mythical Stories, Films, and Legends

It’s worth your time to find out whether any historical or fictional figures can represent ideas that pertain to your business.

Requirements while thinking of a company name

Look for availability

Find out if it’s available by looking it up in domain and social media databases at the state and central levels.

Do some keyword analysis

Entering your company name into a keyword research tool will help you determine whether or not it is already being used as a keyword, which could have a detrimental effect on your search engine results page (SERP) ranking.

Check Google

Searching for your company’s name on Google is also a good idea because just because a phrase has low search traffic doesn’t imply there isn’t a plethora of content behind it. Make sure it’s not a slang term for something offensive, that it doesn’t lead to a popular result that could potentially drive away visitors, and that it sounds good.

Check it out

Consider how this name would sound in a logo, on a website, and in promotional materials. There is a higher likelihood of finding a suitable monogram that incorporates the given name or an initial of the given name with certain names. Make sure your name won’t prevent you from gaining traction in the design world by testing it out in some sample layouts.

Final Words

When you consider the fact that the name you choose for your company can have a significant effect on its success, you can see why it’s so challenging to come up with a truly original name. There’s no going back after you give it a name. Hence it is important to make an informed decision when deciding on the name of a startup.